Sunnydock Floating Dock

Sunnydock Floating Dock

How can you make your summer more enjoyable and fun?. Sunnydock floating dock have useful design. So you can build youself to combine the parts. After you finish you can have a great sunbath area, walking area and more on the water.

All sunnydock floating made from solid plastic. With high quality materials you can use our products many years safely. Sunnydock has been designed to be used in floating docks, wind and wave exposed areas. It is not affected by high waves length. Our high density plastic cubes offer you unlimited configurations in a maintenance-free alternative to traditional wooden, metal, and concrete docks.

For the purpose of use we designed 4 different types of sunnydock floating. Standard plastic dock cube, plastic dock corner tube, low profile dock cube, service and dock lighting cubes. Each product could be used for any type of water and areas. Each cube has different shape so you can build it up the way you want. In the size and length that you prefer. For sunnydock platform you can use compatible our Boat lift platform.

  • Standart Plastic Tube; This floating plastic cube is the base element for all of our docks. Cubes can be assembled together to form endless dock designs and configurations.
  • Plastic Dock Corner Tube; Corner cubes can be used to modify angles should you choose to create an octagonal platform or smooth out corners with 45 degree angles.
  • Low Profile Dock Cube; Its lower profile offers a shorter cube that is closer to the water level and greatly improves boarding for rowing docks, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks.
  • For this product you can use also Marine Dock or Dock Boxes. All product are compatible. Also with Navigation Buoy and Marine Safety Barrier.

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