Boat Lift Platform – Boat Platform – FlexiBoat

Boat Litf Platform - Boat Platform - FlexiBoat

Boat lift platform and boat platform mostly used if you have small marine in front of your house or on seaside where you live. Also many marine owners use this platform to make customers boat get parking easily.

With all boat lift platform you can easily park your boat on water. The boat platform or flexiboat is designed to keep your boat safe and secure while maintaining a clean look in your boathouse or on your dock. All mechanical components are underneath the decking in the structure of the dock system yet above the water. It will be durable for many years. When the lift is in the upright position, no components are in the water.

All boat platform could be use on different water type. Lake or sea. They have different type of salt ratio. The pontoons resist different weather conditions. Also high and strong waves pose no danger. For a load of 2,000 lbs, you only need 12 elements.

Boat lift platform makes everything easy on the water but also it’s compatible with nature. All materials we used they are 100% recyclable. Our standard 5 year warranty applies. Also our Marine Dock and Dock Boxes also have 5 year warranty.

  • Leave your boat on the lift year round.
  • When installed in a boat house, the platform lift provides added security to your boat house and keeps animals/birds from entering the boathouse.
  • Creates a safe environment for children and allows for easy maintenance.
  • Adds square footage to your dock/boathouse as the bunks can be removed.
Boat Litf Platform - Boat Platform - FlexiBoat
Boat Litf Platform – Boat Platform – FlexiBoat

If you have boat and jet ski together we also think for that to help that. Appropriate systems are created for your boats from 4 to 10 meters. The boat lift can also be used for jet skiing. For that also you might be need Jet Ski Dock. The walkways on the side of the boat lift can be enlarged according to your needs. Our Boat Lift boat platforms are also compatible with our other product like Jet Ski platform.

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